Hardeep Pandhal – Leomi Sadler – David Steans –

Ma go est un bigorneau ?!?


 124  pages
18×28 cm / 7,1×11″
remixed comics, drawings, collages, texts, found materials –

_1 comic by Hardeep Pandhal, remixed and colored by Leomi Sadler, translated by Bourex Détrazex
+ Whales and Wonders by David Steans + Hardeep Pandhal
+ 1 German fantasy comic by Leomi Strodachs-Sadler
+ 2 portraits of Hardeep Pandhal next to a drying rack
+ 2 small drawings by Stefan Strodachs-Sadler
+ Brown Black Blue Sea comic remix by Leomi Chaleur
+ layouts that are hard to understand
+ Blood Mountain by Hardeep Tolkien-Pandhal
+ random stuff
+ things
+ commercials
++++ etcetera etcetera.

“You’re going to like it (I think)” – Leomi Sadler
“It’s not bad” – Julio Iglesias
“Talk to you later.” – Salma Hayek

This book has been published with the help of Disparate thank you Disparate!