Peter Andrew Jones –

Menace sur la galaxie
– 2nd hand, published by PENGUIN


40 pages
21×28,5cm (8,3×11,2″)
Fantasy Questbook collection

It’s an enigma in the form of a book, mostly requiring a deciphering of the graphic system’s elements arranged on each page as well as a research on some technical components of the spaceships described in the manual, according to a sober logic necessitating a rather long calculation work.

Peter Andrew Jones’s images (I mean in this book and outside of it), while making use of a potentially appealing but indeed quite traditional imagery, usually seem to appear (to me) at first sight only as particularly defined geometric compositions – and only then, on a 2nd time, do the narrative patterns they deploy gradually occur : )
The overall logic of this book seems to match this particularity well!

Also Ten Doors of Doom is cool and I’d be curious to see some Helmquest scans which are nowhere to be found if somebody have those [ :


-Update – I found Helmquest on ebay. Never contact me again.

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