Birth of MADONNA —— Lady GAGA —— the Eminem SHOW

Bourex DETRAZEX feat Leomi SADLER
Baptiste AUMAITRE a.k.a. Offbeat RATS

Lady GAGA / book fair : Infabore – FLTMSTPC – Famicon Express – Random Man – Wure – Frank Dorrey – Jamie & Rickie Mcneill – Liby Hays – Aushan – Tydrax618 – Sarah-Louise Barbett – Elod Janky – Godspeed – Landfill Editions – Dennis Tyfus – UltraEczema – Nou – Leomi Sadler – Traduttore Traditore – 2dcloud – Decadence Comics – Numero 10 – Elliot Dadat & TLK – Der Vierte Pförtner Verlag – Le Dernier Cri – Stu Mead – Jules Berthonnet – Turpentine – My-Lan Hoang-Thuy – Romain Perrot – Eden Editions – Hotu – LJMTL Editions – Hendrik Hegray – Loïc Le Hecho – Yu Matsuoka – Andy Bolus – Mariaka Frossard – Mark Beyer

THE EMINEM SHOW / wORKSHOP – in collaboration with Offbeat RATS and with help from DRAWON

at Windows53, Taipei❕

window painting – Drawon + some guys from instagram
Boris Davidguetta-Betteravz
head of Baptiste Aumaitre & cabbage extracted from Baptiste Aumaitre
Mariaka Frossard
Boris Les Lilas Détraz
Bol de ris Les Lilas Détraz
Bol de VICE Les Lilas Détraz
Bore Hisse Les Lits là Des Traces de pneus au fond du se lit barre
la même
Boristein Les Lilas Détrazob
B. Les Lilas D. (mysterious)
Boris L. L. Détraz mes ovaires de lion échevelé
Boris Les Lilas Détraz (I didn’t work too much on this 1)
Horrible Les Lilas Détestable (this one was quite long to do though because I added a lot of gold. The yellow is actually gold-plated but you can’t see it because you’re not actually HERE looking at it and it’s probably for the better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
les weshwesh mangent des enfants
Boris Les Lilas Détraz feat. Leomi Sadler
Boris Les Lilas Détraz feat. faces drawn by Leomi Sadler
B.L.L.D. feat. a fork and purple characters drawn by Leomi Sadler
B.lLHGF.CULD. feat Leomi Sadler
B. feat. Leomi Sadler
B feat. Leomi Sadler
Boris Les Lilas Détraz feat. mARIAKA fROSSARD
Boris Les Lilas Détraz feat. Jonkie Moordkuil ! eh oui !
Boris Les Lilas Détraz ALONE AT LAST!!!!!!!!!!