Birth of MADONNA —— Lady GAGA —— the Eminem SHOW

Bourex DETRAZEX feat. Leomi SADLER
Mariaka FROSSARD a.k.a. Tite Couille ABANDONNEE
Baptiste AUMAITRE a.k.a. Offbeat RATS.

Lady GAGA / book fair : Infabore – FLTMSTPC – Famicon Express – Random Man – Wure – Frank Dorrey – Jamie & Rickie Mcneill – Liby Hays – Aushan – Tydrax618 – Sarah-Louise Barbett – Elod Janky – Godspeed – Landfill Editions – Dennis Tyfus – UltraEczema – Nou – Leomi Sadler – Traduttore Traditore – Mario Melis – 2dcloud – Decadence Comics – Numero 10 – Elliot Dadat & Tom Lebaron-Khérif – Der Vierte Pförtner Verlag – Le Dernier Cri – Stu Mead – Jules Berthonnet – Turpentine – My-Lan Hoang-Thuy – Romain Perrot – Eden Editions – Hotu – LJMTL Editions – Hendrik Hegray – Loïc Le Hecho – Yu Matsuoka – Andy Bolus – Mariaka Frossard – Mark Beyer

THE EMINEM SHOW / wORKSHOP – in collaboration with Offbeat RATS + help from DRAWON

at Windows53, Taipei❕
(thank you Puzu HuangCali Huang & also 53.3nailsTHCake Npima)

window painting – Drawon + some guys from instagram
poster – Boris Davidguetta-Détraz

Cowabunga !

mixed materials – Offbeat Rats‘ collection
courtesy collection of Offbeat Rats (+ added colors because love has no fucking borders)
Boriche Les Lilas Détraz featuring Leomiche Sadler
drawings – Boris Les Lilas Détraz
head of Baptiste Aumaitre & cabbage extracted from Baptiste Aumaitre
paper thongs – Mariaka Frossard
wall drawing – Drawon96
Drawon Kim collection
workshop materials + drawings by Offbeat RATS
drawings by Hattori HANZOZO (lol so lame)
look at this one lol! well done lol. 100% not realistic
Bore Hisse Les Lits là Des Traces de pneus au fond du se lit barre
Bore Hisse Les Lits là Des Traces de pneus au fond du se lit barre
Maurice Bédave
B. Les Lilas D. (mysterious)
Boris Les Lilas Détraz car cela est mon nom.
les weshwesh mangent des enfants
enfin pas sûr mais bon possible

and now, Boris Détraz collabs with Leomi Sadler. (It was my dream to do that when I was a baby…)

End of the collaborations with Leomi Sadler.

You see ? I have collaborated with Leomi Sadler.

What have YOU been doing in your life except collaborating with your mother ?

I have collaborated with my mother too you know.

It’s normal when you’re young.

And now, other collaborations. Yes. Life goes on.

Boris Les Lilas Détraz feat. mARIAKA scrountchyscrountch fROSSARD
Boris Les Lilas Détraz feat. : Jonkie Infabore MOORDKUIL ?!!!?


Different protocols were established with the participants : : : :
1_ Specific repetitive drawing instructions [re-drawing a drawing made by a previous participant; trying not to draw tribals (if emotionally possible); trying not to draw penises over photographs of people (if emotionally possible); etc etc]
2_ Cutting and ruining amazing found materials and objects, for physical collage. Classy! Expensive! Not smart! Don’t do that if you don’t own a donkey that shits gold
3_ Photocopying found materials and objects, and using it later for physical collage. Super smart and just requires normal shit (brown).
4_ Crafting the fashion of tomorrow
5_ Bondage for relaxation (an idea nicely provided by a Madame dressed in black)
6_ Writing awful anonymous gossips on top of your drawing (an idea nicely provided by Mr. Kim Daewon)
7_ Other forgotten protocols
8_ Collective wall drawing inside the gallery, that implied all participants.

Drawon was then instructed to mix, extend and coagulate these drawings on the wall into a single, personal painting.

original materials (gathered by Offbeat Rats)
SuSenHong Aush + Drawon + Han Teng + Baptiste Aumaitre
Melon Ice Cream Soda
Kim Drawon
Beau fist Décrasse
? (contact me if that’s yours. You have talent)


wall drawing (Drawon remix)

Everybody did their best and later they died.

And through great physical exploits,

Through paÿne and losse,

and peepee rains

Love had been sought

Love had been shared.