BIONICLE 3 8558 ZINE ( a bit boring) –
2nd hand, published by Lego


21x30cm, format à l’italienne
72 pages

No words except “LEGO” and “BIONICLE”
But lot of numbers for numbers afficionados. : ) GOOD LORD OF ROCK’ N ROLL !!
68 pages about how to combine different manufactured elements in front of a unchanging sea and create A MONSTER :O a DINOSAUR !!!
: = )

Then, the 3 last pages before back cover are a silent experimental comic.
It depicts the entry into a basement of a robot hero who confronts that dinosaur. The last page is difficult to understand but there is a cube depicting symbolic motives from which luminous vapor escapes. A robot character whose face is a RED Dark Vador’s helmet appears, it is the hero who has transformed due to sexual frustation.

The last page of the book is the back cover. : )
It displays many masks, most of them are grey, the upper ones are colored and enclose the greys in laser rectangles. It’s fascist unfortunately. But well. Who am I to judge. After closing the book, some readers will receive the revelation of a higher entity having done the same thing as us but better. So the job is already done! All we just have to do now is make the world a better place : ) :] Some other will lol and fart on their webcams. Everybody do what they want !

It’s cool !

Have a good day everyone : DDD

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