Silvio Cadelo – Bettina Sand

Ypsine & la Carte du Tendre
– 2nd hand, published by Bagheera


In a world now saturated with ultra-accessible pornography ⚪⚫😴🔵🔴🟤⭕, the main drawback of some of the artists’ books that disseminate sexually arousing imagery may be their recurrent vocation to convey a moral darkness which would be efficient only for the privileged, &/or a fetishization of transgression; whether expressed within the subjects themselves (physical or moral violence, non-consent etc.), or toward a horizon that would be directly expressed as politically relevant by displaying an oppressed voice (and sometimes, that voice is indeed oppressed – and sometimes, it isn’t – my goofy high bros🌚!🌝).

This series of simpleton drawings and harshly zany poems possibly escape these pitfalls.

The atmosphere is bright, every consented situation seems possible (and is, thanks to the inclusion of fantastic imagery, reminding us of the scenes’ separation with an actual reality); every circumstance is described as a pretext for light-hearted and mutually funny amusement.

Different body types, ages, builds, dick sizes and skin tones are represented and formulated as sexually attractive –
The sweet french Tootuff, heroine of this story, is identified here by her tender hair tuft.
No gay scene 🤕 sorry my gays.
& but straight guys here get their butt filled.

The babbling silliness of the poses and texts also helps to provides an enthusiastic distance to the sentimental logic which is at stake.

In other words, its legitimacy may stem from the fact that, on a symbolic level, it is ultimately a book for children over 18.

Otherwise yesh := ] it’s very stupid.
But it’s not like we intellectuals are smart either (🔴:

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